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2m, 25m or 100m reels

Stove Rope

It is recommended that you replace your rope seals every 1 to 2 years depending on usage. This is to ensure efficient burning of the stove by controlling where the air is allowed to enter the stove. Air should enter through the stove’s vents and not through any gaps between the door and stove body.

If you take a look at the old seal in your stove it is likely to be sat in a channel/groove. The majority of these seals are fixed into place using adhesive. Poor quality adhesives can lead to early failure and allow the seal to become loose or even partially drop away from the door.

We only supply high-quality adhesive as used by the professional chimney sweeps, stove installers and fireplace retail outlets.

If you are unsure of what rope you need for your stove call us 01253 397200, email us at sales@stoveindustrysupplies.com or alternatively send us a cut off in the post and we will match up the correct seal.

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Soft Rope Seals can be easily compressed between the fingers. It is possible to compress a soft seal down to less than half of its original diameter.

Standard Rope Seals offer more resistance when squeezed. They only compress by a few millimetres.

Lagging Rope is a very soft rope that is mainly used for filling gaps in between chimney breasts, fire surrounds and flues.

Self-Adhesive Ladder Rope Tape is supplied with an adhesive backing that is used to stick to the glass and is then folded over. This rope is predominantly used for double glazed stoves such as Woodwarm and Clearview.

Self-Adhesive Rope Tape is supplied with an adhesive backing to make application of the tape easy and ensures that the seal stays in place during use.

Typical applications for this product are sealing door glass, sealing chimney accesses doors and sealing flue pipes when connecting the collar/spigot of a stove.

Self-Adhesive P Strip is supplied with an adhesive backing to make application of the strip easy and ensures the seal stays in place during use.

This rope is predominantly used for gas fires and on some woodburning stoves such as Stovax and Dik Gurts.

Ceramic paper strip is used for sealing stove glass mainly on older stoves. It can also be used to cushion between glass clips when fitting new glass to help prevent over tightening.

Ceramic paper pad is mainly used to seal sweep access points on flues, closure plates, sweep access points and blanking plates. It can be cut easily with scissors or Stanley knife