Large 2 Blade Stove Fan

Large two blade stove fan.Large two blade stove fan.

Large 2 Blade Stove Fan



Our Large 2 Blade Stove Fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by the stove throughout the room which increase comfort and reduces fuel consumption

It moves warm air from around the stove to the centre of the room rather than it rising to the ceiling front of the stove

The fan sits on top of the stove and is powered by a thermoelectric module, which acts as a small generator, so no batteries are required

It has a low starting temperature of 50°C to get heat moving quickly

It is made from Anodized Aluminium which can resist high temperatures up to 200°C


  • 700RPM.
  • New efficiency blade design.
  • Size - Height: 230mm | Width: 205mm.
  • Ultra-low 50°C starting temperature.
  • 16% cost savings for burning fuel.

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Large two blade stove fan.

Large 2 Blade Stove Fan


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