Fire Brick Calculator

Fire Brick Calculator


Custom Cut Fire Bricks to your exact specifications including bevelled edges, rebates, holes and channels cut into the brick.

Available in 15, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm thickness.

Simply select the thickness below, input the sizes you require, if it is a rectangle or shape and it will calculate your price and you can then add it to your basket

If you choose the shaped option we will require a template to be able to fulfil your request

Please make sure when submitting a template it is clearly marked with the dimensions like the images below


You can upload your template directly through this page, email it to use at, or send it to us through the post to:
Stove Industry Supplies,
103-105 Mowbray Drive,

Please be aware any custom brick may incur additional charges if overly complex or larrge in size.
We will contact you to discuss this if it applies to your order and may request a physical template.

*Custom Cut Fire Bricks are Non-Refundable.*

If you have any questions about your purchase please don't hesitate to send us a message through our contact page.

Please ensure all the dimensions are clearly displayed around the outer edge of the drawing, including bevelled edges, rebates, hole diameter and any channels.
We may request a postal template if you we cannot use the one provided.

Final Price
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Fire Brick Calculator

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