Using the leading manufactures of Vermiculite

Custom cut firebricks to your exact specifications including beveled edges, rebates, holes and channels cut into the brick. Available in 15, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm thickness

The UK's leading replacement firebrick specialist

Using the latest firebrick CNC cutting machines

SHAPED Firebricks we can cut it to size from a template via email or post.

Postal Template

If you are posting your template, please ensure that you draw around the firebrick with a pen or pencil, if there are any rebated edges please draw around the edge of the brick by standing it up or mark the dimensions clearly in the diagram.  Please include your name, phone number and order number on any template, and send to:

Stove Industry Supplies Ltd

103-105 Mowbray Drive



Email Template

If you are emailing your template, please ensure all the dimensions are clearly displayed around the outer edge, bevelled edges, rebates, hole diameter and channels as per the diagram below.

Rectangular and Square Bricks

High-quality replacement stove fire bricks, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm thick to suit a wide range of stoves and other heating appliances. All of our fire bricks are cut to order, simply click on the firebrick calculator, select the thickness, input the sizes that you require and then click the calculate button and it will work out the price for your brick. Once you are ready, just add it to your basket and checkout. We will then start preparing your order for you and ship it out to you the next working day