SnapLok Duster Brush - Hard

SnapLok Duster Brush - HardSnapLok Duster Brush - Hard

SnapLok Duster Brush - Hard


SnapLok Duster Brush - Hard is a specialist rotary chimney sweep brush that has been designed for Rotary Power Sweeping in traditional brick flues.

Particularly chimney gathers where there are loose fluffy soot deposits to remove, where the chimney lining is old and where the mortar is coming away internally.

The core of the brush is made from solid polypropylene and bolted together internally. No wood or glue is present, and this brush will not split apart when spun.

It comes together with a roll pinned SnapLok M10 adaptor, so can be spun in both directions.

As you spin the brush with increased speed, then the brush opens and spreads out to the chimney flue wall.

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SnapLok Duster Brush - Hard

SnapLok Duster Brush - Hard

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