How to use our Custom Fire Brick Calculator

How to use our Custom Fire Brick Calculator

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If you cannot find the right replacement firebrick for your needs in our Fire Brick Catalogue, we can cut one to your specifications.
See below for our guide on how to make sure you get the right vermiculite fire brick for your needs and scroll to the end to see our video on how to use the calculator and how to make your template.

Before You Start

Before you start you want to make sure you have all the measurements necessary to fill in the calculator.

The best way to do this is to remove the bricks from the stove as this will give the most accurate measurement.

If the brick/s are broken piece them back together as best you can to get your measurements.

Basic Rectangular Shapes

For basic squares and rectangles we will need 3 measurements:

  • Thickness
  • Height
  • Width

Shaped Fire Bricks (i.e. Chamfers and Cut-Outs)

For shaped bricks, you will be required to provide a template. It is important you provide as much information around the template as possible so we can cut your brick accurately.

Template example image for the stove industry supplies fire brick calculator.

The image above is an example of the measurements we require for shaped bricks.

The measurements we require are:

  • Thickness
  • Overall height
  • Overall Width
  • The size of any shapes or cut-outs required.

Templates can be uploaded directly to the listing, emailed to us at, or send it to us through the post to:
Stove Industry Supplies,
103-105 Mowbray Drive,

Step By Step Walk Through

  1. Navigate to
    (You can also access this from the homepage and in the fire brick category page.)
  2. Input the thickness of brick you require.
  3. Input the overall height and width of your brick.
  4. Input if your fire brick is shaped.
    (If you choose shaped an upload button will appear where you can directly upload your template.)
  5. Review the price of the firebrick.
  6. Adjust the quantity to your desired amount.
  7. Add the fire brick/s to your basket.

If you need help

Check out the video below for a helpful guide on how to use the calculator and on how to create your template.

If you need any more help with your purchase or have any questions about ordering a custom replacement fire brick please contact us through our contact form

One of our team will contact you directly to help you in any way we can.